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Why are your clean and tunes more expensive?

  We do the cleanings like the manufacturers recommend and do the extra preventative maintenance on the system that most other companies don't have the time to and since we don't expect to come yearly the price is about the same, if not cheaper.

  We take the time to do a complete cleaning. We clean the  burners, heat exchanger,  vent, chimney tee, and seal up any flue gas leakage into the home.
We also bleed radiators, drain the expansion tank,and tag the system with home owner instructions on how to do this yourself. (this saves you money by avoiding simple but expensive service calls)

 The industry standard clean and tune is just blowing off the burners and carbon monoxide checks. This is cheap and gives you peace of mind but it doesn't take care of cleaning the heat exchanger. This is the major reason the burners get dirty in the first place.

  The flue gasses need to flow freely through the heat exchanger or they will back up and start to cause parts to go bad prematurely and worse yet be a serious health risk. Newer units have been putting "roll out" switches and" thermal fuses" on for years. This is a safety measure  but it leaves you with a "no heat" when you really need your unit working. The worst situation you can be stuck in is facing a boiler no heat in the dead of winter because of a plugged heat exchanger. Lots of new boilers end up being installed this way.

Why do you seem so different than most service companies?

Many reasons. 

Not everyone has the money for a new boiler. Especially these days.

We Like the old boilers.

  The old ones were built to last and we like fixing them up. They have conversion burner units in them which allow you to achieve high efficiency. Getting to 80% efficiency is normal and why would you spend thousands of dollars to buy something that is newer just to get the same efficiency?
  the newer boilers have pumps which helps seasonal efficiency a bit as well as vent dampers. But It will need to be replaced which will take that saving away. Electronic dampers on the newer boilers are one of the biggest service calls. Where is the savings if you have to repair more?
  We have landlords with multiple boilers and have replaced one of them with a modern boiler. one told us that After factoring in the cost of the new higher efficiency boiler and it's required maintenance . After the second year he hasn't seen enough gas savings to achieve a pay back period.

  We don't install because to many companies will pressure people for a new sale when one isn't needed. We don't think it's right to condemn a unit because of a plugged heat exchanger and then give them a bid, Especially during a no heat in the dead of winter!

Yah..  Other contractors think we're nuts because "replacements are where the monies at". Some companies even give incentives to their serviceman for talking their customers into a new unit instead of repairing or cleaning it out.

  We've even seen the used units get reinstalled. Which means someone was talked / frightened out of their unit. The unit then cleaned and called good. It wasn't even that old.
That's just dishonest.

People have two mind sets
A. If it's not broke don't fix it.
B. Get the unit serviced regularly.
We get a lot of customers with both mind sets calling because they had their unit condemed from high carbon monoxide. The ones who have regular servicing are really upset because they thought it was being thoroughly cleaned. (if you have a service contract make sure the heat exchanger cleaning is part of it, most don't.)
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