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 When it comes to heating equipment … BEING GREEN …doesn’t necessarily mean replacing your heating equipment with the newest and greatest… it ALSO means having your heating equipment in top working order and running as efficiently as possible… and explaining to you, the customer, what you can do to maintain the system and save money . That’s our mission.

  The Heating Concepts name came into being because as a heating company years ago we had great ideas on how to save energy.. And that holds true to this day. Thirty years ago hardly anyone used the word “concepts”
  We are a father and son company working together for over 30 years.

It all started out installing setback  thermostats as energy saving devices. Then we started looking at the heating systems, both the appliance itself and the distribution, mostly boilers and found them really dirty and not running efficiently. We figured out how to thoroughly clean the boilers and get them back to the best efficiency possible.


  We can get most of the old “coal converted’’ boilers up to 80% efficient. No kidding!


  Our goal is to get every boiler we work on up to peak efficiency by giving it a good cleaning and electronic tuning. Companies make a lot more money installing new boilers. That's why we are one of the few ,if not the only one, in the St. Paul-Minneapolis area just cleaning. Most companies do burner cleanings only, with the knowledge that they'll get a chance at a new boiler sale later, when the heat exchanger gets plugged.

  We have the same idea on furnaces… a good cleaning goes a long way.

  On average our cleanings will last 5 years. when doing our work we look at the whole system and offer suggestions on how to save you more energy.
It is our thinking that; thinking green doesn't mean replacement. If the heating system is working at peak efficiency. That's thinking green.


... The appliances worked best when they were brand new and clean from top to bottom. This holds true for the heat distribution systems as well.  Clean your radiators and base boards. Change your furnace filter monthly.


... It's amazing how many people get the so called "clean and tune" yearly, only to end up being  told that their heat exchangers are plugged and they need a new boiler. The build up (rust particles etc.)on the burners usually comes from the heat exchangers getting too dirty. Clean the heat exchanger (the source of the problem) and the burners stay cleaner........We've actually seen a heating company reinstalling a boiler that they had replaced  because it was plugged up. They cleaned it up and now it's heating their office.


...If the boiler doesn't leak water from the heat exchanger or the furnace doesn't have a cracked heat exchanger--- keep it clean.


...Don't forget that higher efficiency boilers and furnaces mean higher maintenance cost, not less.

 you have to do your part to keep it at its peak efficiency if you want to see a return on your investment.

Always research the unit your planning to install and become familiar with it's maintenance needs.

  ..Ask your serviceman to clean your heat exchanger as part of your servicing and check and clean your vent. these are the most common causes of carbon monoxide poisoning.

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