Heating Concepts Co.
                    Service Specialists

We've been in business for over 30 years restoring heating systems that other contractors wanted to replace.

Have you been told you need a new boiler?

We have a cure for replacements due to any of the following:

- High Carbon Monoxide              - Flame roll out

- Plugged Heat Exchangers        - Rusted and Scorched Boiler Jackets

- Plugged Burners                         - Old Age

- Combustion Gas Leakage        - Inefficiency

- Back Drafting


- the heating system is not heating like it use to.

... Basically if it's not leaking water from the boiler heat exchanger we can  fix it!

Do you have heating problems?

We have a cure for:

Cold Radiators and Very Little or No Heat from the Baseboards.

Selling your home?

Do you need:

Boiler tested?  certified?  or repaired?

Interested in energy saving?


  • Equipment Safety Test Reports for the St. Paul Fire Department
  • TISH reports for realtors and city inspections
  • Free phone advice
  • Total cleanings (burners, heat exchangers, chimney vents)
  • Electronic tunings
  • Energy savings controls
  • Mechanical inspections
  • Energy saving consulting

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